Frequently asked question

Are the distillers made of 100% Copper?

The soldering is mostly Silver, the handle is Brass, but all the rest of the distiller is made of Copper of the purity od 99.9% at least.

Is it possible to prepare high quality distillates at home?

The quality of the distillate depends on the quality of the mash, the quality of the distiller, and the attention you pay during the instillation. In fact, it is even easier to make high quality distillates in lower volumes. If you follow the advices written in our articles, our equipments make it possible to distill drinks at home that are competitive in quality with most of the expensive drinks you can find in the shops.

Is home distilling safe?

There are a few instructions to be followed to make home distilling completely safe. Please read our article about safety instructions.Our distillers are designed and manufactured so that explosions are nearly impossible, the distilling process is nearly is as safe as cooking a soup. But you have to pay attention to the fact that ethanol is flammable, and you must discard the first part of the distillate, whihc is toxic.If you understand and keep the safety instructions, you have nothing to worry about.

Is home distilling legal?

The regualtions regarding home distilling is different in several countries and states. It is your responsibility to check the legal environment of home distilling, and to keep every regulations that apply to you.

Is it allowed to add water to the wash?

Yes, it is even necessary sometimes. Yeasts need water for living, and it can be problematic during the distillation if the wash dries out. keep in mind that ethanol starts boiling at the temperature of 74 degrees, and when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, the distillation is usually over. The distillate won't be weaker if you add water to the wash.

Is it allowed to dilute the distillate by water?

Yes, the distillate usually has some extremely high concentration of alcohol. It must be diluted to suit human consumption. Use soft, or distilled water if possible.

Can I use my distiller for distilling water?

Yes, our equipments perfectly suit water distillation.