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Distillate filter

Distillate filter

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Helps to repair the following probems:

 opalescent color

metallic flavour

Reasons of opalescent colour:

 inappropriate separation of the Tails

incorrect fermentation

Using water with too many minerals for attenuation.

Cool the distillate for aruound 0 C deg for 2-3 hours, and then use the filter. The distillate will become clean.


Reasons of metallic flavour:

 inappropriate storage of the distillate

too intensive contact with metal materials

The filter will dismiss metallic flavour, and provides a softer taste..

 Calibre: 0,4 liter.

 Usage of Cation Wax filter

 After filtering some 20-50l of liquids, the wax will loose its color and go white. Then it needs to be regenerated.

  Simple salt can be used for the regenration process. Take the wax out of the filter, and put it into strong pickle for 24 hours. The wax will be filled with natrium ions nd can be used for filtering again.

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