Distiller with Column - Hobby

Distiller with Column - Hobby

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The column is a removable extension to a standard distiller which is placed between the pot and the dome. A perforated copper basket takes place in the column. This column brings you the art of distillation, the romantic of alchemy, and the freedom of experimentations.

Put some fruits into the column, and distill alcohol through it to give a strong fruit-taste to your destillate. Or fill it with herbs, and distill alcohol or water through them to prepare curative drinks and ointments at home.

Distillation is the most careful way to get the agents out of the herbs, since vapor makes no harm to sensitive substrates and vitamins. Drawing herbs to tea will destroy vitamins and many agents. You can prepare your own perfumes if you fill the column with flowers and distill water or dilute alcohol through them.

Many other applications become available if you have a distiller with column. It is all up to your imagination. But if you want to simply distill alcohol, you can easily remove the column, and use your distiller as a standard alembic distiller.

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