Double Walled Distiller

Double Walled Distiller

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The double-walled dilstiller units represent the latest technology of alcohol distillation.

The gap between the external and internal wall of the pot can be upload by water or oil. Since the internal wall has no direct contact with the heat source, the mash will never burn off.

During the refining the liquid between the walls distributes heat evenly, which is essential to gain the purest distillate possible in home environment.

The pot comes with a water sealing system providing the most reliable and durable sealing solution for decades, even in heavy duty. At the same time in case of overpressure the dome can be dropped from the pot, so the equipment is perfectly protected from explosion and harms due to overpressure.

A flow-through type cooler is included in the package, providing ideal and adjustable cooling performance for any circumstances.

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